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A percentage of all Lucky Rabbit profits go to the House Rabbit Society.
Bottom line, I'm a fan of rabbits. I've had the good fortune to share a home with many
rescued rabbits over the years. My current rabbit is named Sophie. She's not only a
rescued rabbit, but you might recognize her as the Lucky Rabbit logo.

Why rabbits are better than traditional ad agencies
1.   Rabbits are never far away when you need them.
2.   Rabbits pay attention to one thing at a time.
3.   Rabbits don't waste money on fancy digs, pinball machines and espresso makers.
4.   A rabbit has never broken a promise.
5.   Rabbits are simply faster than the next guy.
6.   Rabbits aren't showy; they're entirely open and comfortable with their rabbit-ness.
7.   Rabbits are easily trained to come when called.
8.   Rabbits don't care about winning awards; they'd rather appeal to large groups of people.
9.   Rabbits are remarkably in-tune with others – really, it's almost spooky.
10. Four rabbit feet are always luckier than one.